Post — 18 Aug 2017

New Edition: review by guest blogger Megan Fatharly

Working in collaboration seems fitting for printmakers. The studio environment
encourages ideas to bounce off the wall and evolve through dialogue and
process. As the opening words of the New Edition catalogue state, ‘Print Matters’
and this could not be truer with the studio environment at EP changing and
evolving for the better. Showing the growing audience, both viewers and
printmakers, what the process can teach and do for them as individuals is so
important. This is why this exhibition has been great to see; it challenges makers
beyond their traditional practice and allows them to push their visual code.

Collage 2 by Emer Tumilty. Screenprint, 2017

The current exhibition in the gallery at EP displays the work of Emer Tumlity,
Museums Press and Poster Club who have come together to show how screen-
printing is a process that is ever-renewing itself through continued use. Artists
have produced experiments with printed matter, type and texture to create an
exciting and bold body of work.

Desk Copy by Museums Press. Screenprint, 2017

The process of screen-printing lends itself to creating layers and an exploration
of colour within a step-by- step process. This physicality is something that other
methods in today’s artistic making perhaps don’t let the artist fully engage with.
Accidents occur, spillages happen and marks are made (from where paper
fingers should have been used). As a printmaker myself I think it is so important
to engage with these things and see how they can be incorporated into the work.
As Tumlity says in the catalogue for the show, the work that has been created
“Are not editions, more variations of each other”. This is interesting to note,
considering how editions of prints are a fundamental factor of the print making

The work of Jessica Higgins caught my attention upon first entering the space,
due to how she has considered the placement of work. I always appreciate art
that makes the viewer work. Through this continuation over multiple surfaces of
the gallery space it draws the viewer around the rest of the show, almost acting
as an anchor and arrow. Her playful approach to creating work and also
experimentation with scale was refreshing.

New Erotics by Poster Club. Screenprint, 2017

Harking back to the studio environment ethos of the print room, all the work
created within the exhibition was made by two or more people working
together, thus showing that traditional processes are forever prominent whilst
pushing the traditional ethos that EP has been encouraging for 50 years. This
ethos will continue to bring people together within a studio environment,
opening them up to new ways of creative thinking and enhancing their visual


Words by Megan Fatharly